Saturday, October 25, 2014

Article from the Gallup Independent About our Latest Navajo-Jewish Dialog

The Letter I Submitted to the Albuquerque Journal About the Attempted Fire-Bombing of the Islamic Center Mosque in Albuquerque

Having worked at a synagogue that suffered an anti-Semitic attack I understand the feelings that must be present in our local Muslim community in response to the attempted fire-bombing of their Mosque. Such an attack reminds us that our work toward the “American melting pot” remains undone. In a country established with the principle of religious liberty for all, this terrorist attack and the bigotry it represents is a truly heinous crime against our whole community.

Whether one follows Jewish tradition of welcoming the stranger into our community and loving one’s neighbor as oneself, or tries to answer the question “What would Jesus do” or practice any of the other plethora of religious teachings of acceptance and peace, the attack against a person or group based solely on their faith is an act of cowardice in violation of the core of every faith tradition.

The perpetrator/s of this attempted bombing have lowered themselves to the level of the terrorists of ISIS. How we react as a community will show the depth of our character.

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld
Congregation Albert
Albuquerque, NM