Saturday, April 5, 2014

From Warsaw to Krakow

This morning Ziggy picked us up for the drive to Krakow and told us we would be driving in the direction of their town so we would swing by and pick up Joanna on our way. We did much more than that. We got a full tour of their town including the incredible villas that had been the summer homes of the rich before WWII. Mostly abandoned with only a few restored it was a powerful reminder of how prosperous and creative the Polish republic had been before the war and the advent of communism. As they showed us this sedate, peaceful town they call home the love in their voices moved each of us.

We then proceeded to the home of the Gur Chasidim and the closed synagogue there, yet another reminder of a culture lost and what survived was transplanted to Israel.

We continued south through a changing landscape of flat farmland to hills and woods. The terrain looked like a combination of the American midwest and central Israel.

Our first dinner in Krakow was in an incredible restaurant named Corse. Serving Corsican style food, fish, seafood... the food was great and the service impeccable. I highly recommend it.

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